EGD Property

In 2008, EGD Property AS was established in order to assemble all of EGD’s property activities in one company. This was the start of a long-term strategy to achieve control in subordinate companies and gradually progress from being not only a property investor but also a property developer.

The company has 100% control of totalling approximately 110,000 sqare metres of properties in Bergen, mainly developed by EGD. The leases have an average duration of approx 14 years and provide the company with a predictable long-term cash flow.

Among these, the following main projects include;

  • Sydnesplass 1 AS – Totally rehabilitated as EGD’s head office in 2012
  • Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg – Completed 2015 for lessee CHOICE
  • Åsane Næringspark AS – Completed January 2016 for lessee MRC Solberg & Andersen
  • Lønningsvegen 1 AS – Completed 2011 for lessee Welltec
  • Lønningsvegen 2 AS – Lessees Songa Offshore, Avis, Partner Sollution
  • Lønningsflaten 21 AS  – Completed 2011for lessee Wema
  • K-Bygget 85 AS  – Lessee Oleana
  • Øvre Fyllingsvei AS – Lessee Akasia

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