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A brief history

The limited liability company Einar Galtung Døsvig AS, now EGD Holding AS, was founded in 1907 by Einar Galtung Døsvig (1885-1948). From the inception, the company traded in textiles. Einar’s son Ewald (1910-2002) played an active role in the company from 1930 to 1990.

During this period, both the company’s turnover and profit grew, enabling the company to invest in areas outside its core business. Ewald’s son Einar Galtung Døsvig (born 1934) joined the company in the early 1960s. He expanded the company into shipping and property investments, which were later of great strategic importance.

The current Chair, Espen Galtung Døsvig (born 1972), is the fourth generation “EGD”. He started playing an active role in the company in 1997, and he currently owns 100% of the company’s shares.
The period at the end of the 1990s and at the turn of the millennium marked a fork in the road for the textile business, and the owners took the strategic decision to close the textile business down. Instead, the focus shifted towards investment in international shipping and property.

In 2008-2009, EGD Holding AS carried out a restructuring of its organisation. As a result, our operational and investment activities are now organised through the subsidiaries EGD Shipholding AS, EGD Property AS and EGD Capital AS. This was mainly done to increase flexibility and to ensure that each “leg” has sufficient capital to continue growing on the back of its own financial results. Over recent years, the Group’s strategy has been to focus on fewer, larger projects.

We believe in active ownership based on proactively exploiting the knowledge, networks and creativity of our owner and our management team within the segments where we operate.


Sustainability and ESG are an integral part of what we do at the EGD Group, and form our investment decisions. We also implement targeted measures and – as a minimum – comply with national and international laws and regulations relating to our various business areas.

Bergen International Festival

EGD is an ambassador for the Bergen International Festival. The Bergen International Festival, which was first held in 1953, is the flagship festival for music and performing arts in the Nordic region.

Astrup Fearnley Museum

The Astrup Fearnley Museum, which was founded in 1993, is one of Scandinavia’s leading contemporary art museums. The museum curates the extensive Astrup Fearnley Collection and presents temporary exhibitions that include both works from its own collection and new works by artists from all over the world.

Brann football club

We have followed Brann closely from the sideline in recent years, and we are particularly impressed with the club’s community engagement, as well as its close ties to the city of Bergen.

Bergen Kjøtt

EGD supports Bergen Kjøtt, which is one of Norway’s most important production facilities for music and arts, and the only cultural venue in the Skuteviken and Sandviken neighbourhoods.

The Church City Mission

EGD highly respects the important work performed byt the Church City Mission with an aim to create a fairer society. We all have a responsibility to our society, which is why we are proud and grateful to be able to support the Church City Mission.

We also support

Bergen Kunsthall | Bergen Vel | Byfjellslauget

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