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EGD HOLDING AS – in retrospect

The limited company Einar Galtung Døsvig AS, today EGD Holding AS, was founded in 1907 by Einar Galtung Døsvig (b. 1885 – d.1948). In the early days the company was engaged in textile trading. Einar’s son Ewald (b. 1910 – d. 2002) was active in the company from approximately 1930 up to 1990. During this period both the turnover and the results increased rapidly, giving the company the opportunity to invest in other areas in addition to the core business. Ewald’s son Einar Galtung Døsvig (b. 1934) joined the company during the early 1960s. He expanded the business to include shipping and real estate investments with great strategic impact for the years to come.
The present Chairman, Espen Galtung Døsvig (b. 1972), represents the 4th generation of EGD and became active during 1997. Today, the company is wholly owned by Espen Galtung Døsvig.
As the 1990s came to en end and the new millennium started, the company found itself at a crossroad as far as the textile business was concerned and the owners made a strategic decision to withdraw from textile activities and instead strengthen the focus on international shipping and real estate investment.

During 2008-2009, EGD implemented a new corporate structure and today our operational and investment activities are organized through the subsidiaries EGD Property AS, EGD Shipholding AS and EGD Capital AS. This has been done mainly to increase flexibility and ensure that each “leg” is sufficiently capitalized to grow further on its own merits. Over the last years the group has shifted its strategy towards fewer and larger projects.
We believe in active ownership with a hands-on approach in order to fully utilize the owner’s and management’s know how, network and creativity within the segments where we operate.