Marken 19

Situated in one of Bergen’s oldest pedestrian streets, our latest project, ‘Marken 19’ is housed amongst timber buildings that date back as far as the 16th century. Before a fire in the 1900’s ‘Marken 19’ had served as both a private residence and a shoe repair shop. Part of the building was later rebuilt with a new brick fasade and the property then housed a cabinetmaker – ‘Knutsen i Marken’ – and had production facilities as well as a sales office.

Now ‘Marken 19’ is home to real estate agents Kaland & Partners.
EGD Property AS together with Paulsen & Nilsen, Sven Gundersen Architects, Markhus AS and Kontorrama have been responsible for the new construction process and for the new interior which includes open plan offices, meeting spaces and canteen facilities.